Dolores Rubia

Director of National Aftercare Development

Dolores "Dolly" Rubia is a dedicated social worker with more than 20 years of work on women, children and family issues. Dolly was the Supervising Social Worker of the Philippine General hospital before she joined international Justice Mission. Dolly started with IJM Manila Field Office in June 2013 as an Aftercare Consultant. She provided technical and leadership support to the field office's Aftercare Department regarding the various processes in the healing and reintegration of survivors of human trafficking and child sexual abuse.

In January 2016 Dolly became a full-time Director of Aftercare. She was responsible for directing all activities of the IJM Filed Office Aftercare Department, including recruiting, training and supervising staff social workers and volunteers; creating, maintaining and updating all operating protocols, intervention strategies, and tracking and reporting systems; acting as a professional resource to improve the capacity and effectiveness of aftercare and community development partners' representing and promoting IJM interests through active participation in community coalitions and key stakeholder networks; and developing and nurturing strategic partnerships with governmental and non-governmental agencies in order to secure the highest-quality aftercare for clients, coordinate national anti-trafficking efforts, and create sustainable structural transformation in social service and justice systems.

In November 2017, Dolly transitioned to the position of Director of National Aftercare Development. She is tasked to develop and implement strategies to support the Philippine public justice system's (PJS) efforts to provide models of care for survivors of online sexual exploitation of children. She also provides mentorship, guidance, and support to the IJM Aftercare teams serving in the Manila and Cebu field offices.