IJM Philippines

Our Flagship Program

20 years of partnering with Philippine law enforcement and justice system officials

Together with Philippine authorities, we work to hold criminals accountable for exploiting children in order to deter other traffickers from abusing children in the first place. By doing so, we are building communities where all children can expect to be safe and protected.

IJM-supported operations on online sexual exploitation of children

(as of July 2021)


victims rescued


perpetrators convicted


survivors restored


suspects arrested

The Philippine Government

At the helm of the global resolve against online sexual exploitation of children

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Law Enforcement

Identifying and rescuing victims, arresting and charging suspected perps and treating victims appropriately

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Prosecuting and convicting perpetrators in accordance with the law and treating survivors in such a way as to avoid re-traumatization

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Delivering services to victims and survivors that improve personal well-being, reduce the risk of re-victimization and enhance engagement with the public justice system

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Civil Society

An enabling environment that supports efforts of the pillars of the public justice system

Rescuing and protecting victims within source countries

Our program in the Philippines will continue to be our living laboratory for casework on online sexual exploitation of children, which will lead global learning and testing, data collection, research, and the creation of products to scale the work outside the Philippines.

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In IJM’s previous project combating the commercial sex trafficking of minors, IJM helped achieve a remarkable 80% reduction in the availability of minors accessible for street- and establishment-based trafficking. The significant, measurable reductions in minors sold for sex prove that IJM’s theory of change is no longer just a theory, but is an effective multi-faceted, and replicable model aimed at complete system reformation that effectively reduces the threat of violence for those most vulnerable for victimization.

Implementing IJM’s model for community protection has the potential to significantly reduce the likelihood of vulnerable children ever being victimized in the first place.

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