IJM Survivor Leader

Ruby* received the Community Spirit and Public Service category award at the Women of the Future Awards Southeast Asia, Last October 7, 2021.

Ruby’s story radiates hope for survivors of slavery and exploitation. Ruby continues to empower fellow survivor leaders and influence government leaders and policymakers around the world.

News and Features

Ruby’s recent media engagements are just a glimpse of the impact Ruby is making with her life and story.

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Global Threat Assessment 2021

Ruby’s story of rescue and restoration is highlighted in the Global Threat Assessment (GTA) Report 2021 by WeProtect Global Alliance, an organization that brings together experts from government, the private sector, and civil society to protect children from sexual exploitation and abuse online.

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Thomson Reuters Foundation

Ruby’s opinion article, “As a child I was sexually exploited online: now I want tech companies and governments to take action,” was published in September 2021 by the London-based Thomson Reuters Foundation.

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BBC News World

Ruby's story was mentioned briefly in this 2020 BBC feature, “Online child abuse rising during lockdown warn police.”

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End Violence Against Children

In 2020, Ruby’s story was featured in the website of The Global Partnership and Fund to End Violence Against Children, which was launched July 2016 by the UN Secretary-General and is focused on ending all forms of violence against children by 2030.

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We Need You to Listen campaign

As a survivor leader, Ruby was the key speaker in this 2020 campaign, in which IJM partnered with 23 influencers from around the world to fight the online sexual exploitation of children.

#readytolisten #readytofight

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The 700 Club Asia

In 2018, Ruby’s story was re-enacted and shared on national television, spreading awareness of the predicament of many Filipino children living in poverty, which makes them extremely vulnerable to exploitation.

Learn more about IJM's Center to End Online Sexual Exploitation

The Center supports IJM survivor leaders like Ruby, amplifying their voices as they call for governments and technology companies around the world to take action.